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Cysteic acid (2 mg mL-1) was diluted to 40 ug mL-1 with the sodium hydrogen carbonate solution immediately, before the sample preparation.
The eminence and the intensity of the S[O.sub.3]-vibrational bands at 1040 [cm.sup.-1] were strong indications that the disulfide bonds S-S had been cleaved and subsequently oxidized to cysteic acid residues by hydrogen peroxide during the pretreatment process.
The results for disulphides, S-sulfonate, cystine monoxide, and carboxylates are displayed in Figure 2 and data for cystine dioxide and cysteic acid are shown in Figure 3.
Chick neurons and glia readily incorporate cysteine sulfinic acid, and incorporated cysteine sulfinic acid is quickly converted into cysteic acid and is decarboxylated, via cysteine sulfinic acid decarboxylase (EC.
Intensity values for the vibrations correspond to cysteic acid monoxide [v.sub.s](1077 [cm.sup.-1]), cysteic acid dioxide [v.sub.s](1125[cm.sup.-1]) and [v.sub.a](S-O) (1170 [cm.sup.-1]).
The negative charge density on the hair surface increases when it is further damaged; e.g., by bleaching, or dying via the oxidization of cystine linkage, forming mainly cysteic acid, resulting in a high number of anionic groups.
The peak separation is >95% on common amino acids profile (up to 45 amino acids in a single run with Lithium systems), including Taurine, Ornithine, oxidized amino acids such as Cysteic acid and Methionine Sulfone, and hydroxylated amino acids such as Hydroxyproline and Hydroxylysine.