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In this study, the case of retroperitoneal ancient schwannoma, which showed cystic degeneration and reached gigantic sizes, was presented.
According to these findings, a uterine leiomyoma with cystic degeneration was primarily considered, and the patient was operated in the Gynecology Surgery Department of our hospital.
Area of cystic degeneration, fibrinoid material surrounded by longitudinal muscles.
To assess whether there is cystic degeneration among the classical FEP cases and to which extent, we analyzed a series of 16 cases of FEP from our archives between 1998 and 2013.
Cystic degeneration of prostatic hyperplasia prostatic utriculus cysts seminal vesicle cysts cysts of vas deferens or ductus ejaculatorius bladder diverticula bladder duplication and huge ureterocoeles are the main urological causes; whereas mesenteric cysts colonic lymphatic cysts and intestinal duplications and hydatid cysts are non-urogenital causes.
Cystic degeneration may be seen, including scarring and calcification.
This case report of broad ligament myoma with extensive cystic degeneration is presented for its rarity and diagnostic challenges as they mimic pelvic adenexal tumors.
The result: various forms of degeneration, including hyaline or myxoid degeneration, calcification, cystic degeneration, and red degeneration (infarction of fibroid during pregnancy).
1) The traumatic theory postulates that repeated trauma results in stretching and distortion of the vessel wall, which leads to destruction and cystic degeneration of the adventitia.
The differential diagnosis includes simple cysts, echinococcal cysts, liver abscesses, cystic degeneration of a liver neoplasm, Caroli's disease, posttraumatic cysts, and polycystic diseases.
Apart from cystic degeneration in myomata and cystic dilatation of cervical mucous glands, a cyst of the uterus is a comparative rarity (Mills, 1955).
This results in cystic degeneration and dilatation of the duct as well as an increased risk of malignant transformation in the biliary epithelium.