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DAB produces over three million pumps per year catering mainly to residential, commercial, and agricultural irrigation sectors.
Giorgio Menegazzi, Group Marketing Director for DAB Water Technology, said, "We are happy to return to the Big 5 this year continuing the great momentum with a line-up of innovative, energy-efficient water management solutions targeting the region's infra-development sector.
Built within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and integrated with the family of Microsoft business software, DAB provides you with a 360 degree view of each member, as well as operational control over, sales, service, marketing and social engagement insights.
As Spar Nord Bank holds more than 10% of the shares in DAB, and as DAB's articles of association stipulate no voting right restrictions, the DAB investment will be recognised in Spar Nord Bank's financial statements as an investment in 'associates' and, as a result, be recognised according to the equity method.
Didal would do the dab pose whenever she successfully accomplished skateboarding moves during the Asian Games competition.
AsRBR+TVBRreported in January,the silence of the majority of the nation's FM stations in favor of DAB signals has been largely unpopular.
Targeting the Middle East market, DAB unveiled D.Connect technology at the Big 5 Dubai 2017.
The dab dance move was outlawed in Saudi Arabia by the National Committee for Drug Control because it is perceived to promote drug and narcotics culture.
This article seeks to provide a general overview of what the DAB process is, how the concept originated, how it works and highlight some of the benefits of the process.
Over the last few years, DAB Premium Finance has been steadily improving their user experience.
It means audiences will be able to listen to both BBC Radio Wales and the Welsh language sister station Radio Cymru on DAB.