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n. slang for District Attorney. (See: District Attorney)

District Attorney (D.A.)

n. an elected official of a county or a designated district with the responsibility for prosecuting crimes. The duties include managing the prosecutor's office, investigating alleged crimes in cooperation with law enforcement, and filing criminal charges or bringing evidence before the Grand Jury that may lead to an indictment for a crime. In some states a District Attorney is officially entitled County Attorney or State's Attorney. United States Attorneys are also called Federal District Attorneys and are prosecutors for districts (there are several in larger states) within the Department of Justice, are appointed by the President and serve at his/her pleasure.

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abbreviation for DISTRICT ATTORNEY.
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19, Dado amended her resolution and voided the release order, according to Christina Palabay, secretary general of human rights group Karapatan, in a phone interview on Sunday.
On Monday, while distributing relief food in Kilibasi ward in Kinango, Kwale county, Dado said, " Mother Nature has a way of taking revenge against actions that affect her.
He added that Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa will Friday visit Tana River County to distribute relief food to the affected residents.Mr Dado said that it is in the government's interest to secure lives, adding that the ministry is changing its tactics in addressing drought.
Dado and his two companions opted to stay at the Embassy after the Ministry of the Interior ordered their arrest.
Para justificar a utilizacao desses recursos para manutencao, e importante que existam dados que comprovem a necessidade real do servico com informacoes como localizacao e o tipo de dano encontrado.
Apresentar como as empresas de qualquer segmento do mercado pode reduzir custos com a TI inovando em Marketing Digital e estrategias de negocios para aumentar as receitas atraves de dados obtidos com Big Data e Midias Digitais.