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Guaino quipped on BFM that the images provided "good publicity'' for Daft Punk.
Daft specializes in using the arts to teach math, language arts, social studies and science.
But Royal Treason made rapid progress and went between Florida Mandy and Nikitas Daft down the far side to challenge.
US Condo Exchange is harnessing that buyer power through this very important alliance with Daft.
Fans watch French act Daft Punk who headlined at the festival.
Once again we see politicians and the like demanding that 'something is done'; industry responding with some great initiatives (such as PET bottles with recycled content); and some incredibly daft stuff still going on, although not just in Germany.
In 2001, in a rare grab outside the vast executive ranks of the company, Daft reached into Time Warner to pluck Steven Heyer, who was president and COO of the Turner Broadcasting unit.
When Coke announced earlier this year that Daft was leaving, it said he would retire as chairman and CEO at the end of 2004.
Co-chairs, Daft Jobs and Silly Spending Competition, Conservative Office, High Street, Welshpool, Powys
For a minute I thought Kev might do something really daft.
NESTLED on a beautiful little island on Strangford Lough, Daft Eddie's is a haven for beerhunters.