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Dr Al Dafter, who is a consultant for internal medicine at Noor Specialist Hospital, said there was no shortage of medicine in Bahrain.
Mary Dafter (right) with Charlotte Hawkins at the Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens Star Awards
Mr Dafter said that after having to have a feeding tube fitted during her time in hospital, she had gone on to help reassure younger children who had been scared about having the invasive procedure.
You're dafter than Ballotelli if you think the Reds are so naive as to play in any way but conservatively and therefore Liverpool +2 at 11/10 looks worth a punt.
Political Tehsildar of Landikotal, Dafter Khan, Agency Sports Manager, Rashid Gul Mulagori, President of Khyber sports club Mairajuddin Shinwari and chairman Wakeel Shinwari were also present on this occasion.
It is even dafter than carbon capture, artificial trees, and man-made global warming.
I struggle with the constantly changing and ever dafter names.
The masses in the country have been surviving amidst heightened crisis and commodities' shortfalls while the incumbent government has engaged itself in day dafter day political adventures to remain in power corridors.
Frightened of fireworks, there's no dog more dafter.
She added: "We are very keen on protecting the environment and we encourage our staff to adopt many environment-friendly actions." But surely none dafter than this!
But Staffline operations director Andrew Coop insisted: "I could not think of a dafter thing to say.