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Mary Dafter (centre), 11, from Newcastle, with her sister Carrie (right), seven and |brother Chris (left), four,
It is time that the government got real and stopped coming up with dafter and dafter schemes to meet totally unrealistic self-imposed British targets which are financially ruining the country.
I struggle with the constantly changing and ever dafter names.
The masses in the country have been surviving amidst heightened crisis and commodities' shortfalls while the incumbent government has engaged itself in day dafter day political adventures to remain in power corridors.
Frightened of fireworks, there's no dog more dafter.
But Staffline operations director Andrew Coop insisted: "I could not think of a dafter thing to say.
Glenn Ward may have been project manager on the winning team, but if Catsize, the name he gave their otherwise well-conceived slimming food for cats, was slightly daft, the strapline 'see their light' was dafter still.
In addition, the Environment Minister informed the EC will allow ISPA extension for just a few projects in Bulgaria, with contracts signed dafter 2004, but the cabinet still does not have official information on the matter.
No-one is claiming that this tale of knights, sorcery and unrequited love is realistic drama - though it's no dafter than, say, Il Trovatore.
A Northern Michigan grassroots environmental group is launching a campaign to stop Sudbury-area trash from being dumped at a Dafter, Mich.
The talking orca also displays significantly greater dignity than a pack of reckless Tory orcs spouting dafter and dafter rubbish, after evidence confirmed they are peddling a ruinously expensive nightmare.