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Come to think of it, the whole film yells at you daftly from the screen.
did daftly declare at 2-0, Watford attack Luckhurst McTominay's inclusion - as a right winger - intensified the nerves that Mourinho had detected.
The 13-year-old singer's 'Friday' sold 159,000 copies after it hit the popular video sharing site in March attracting criticism over auto-tune voice and daftly simple lyrics.
I'd fallen for him not just because he was highly intelligent, a Cambridge graduate with a passion for Shakespeare, but mostly because he was extremely sexy (I described his voice in a daftly purple-prose profile as 'sounding like soft footfalls in the dark').
"And then she decides to put her money where her mouth is - without, perhaps daftly, even telling her husband and daughters.
By the time I left to come home I found myself daftly saying cheerio to each of them by their correct names.
"Bluebottles may fly close to peoples' heads, but they patently do not 'dive bomb' them as you so daftly put it.
And then it comes out in a flurry, first the Streisand impersonation swiftly followed by a camper than coffee take on Julian Clary, a dogged but daftly deft version of Graham Norton and a remarkable Robin Williams in his Mork and Mindy days.
And after a shimmering German doctor, antidote in hand, delivers a beautiful sermon on the fragility of consciousness, we have only the daftly dangling plot-ends to tie up--the gambling, the sex, the FBI; we're haunted by the ineffable, trapped in the clockwork.
But Chelsea daftly eased up and paid a heavy price.
VIC REEVES and Bob Mortimer's daftly surreal sitcom House of Fools may have split opinion when it first appeared at the beginning of the year, but it was worth watching for Matt Berry alone.
Obviously all sportspeople need to practice - except when it comes to penalty shootouts, as so many professional footballers daftly tell us - so who knows how many hours of viewing pleasure could be at our disposal.