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Neil Wilson, defending, said: ``It was one piece of daftness driven by boredom.
And a minute of very funny and infectious daftness that is racking up millions of extra viewers on YouTube.
What might have been an engrossing mystery - into the reasons behind the death of Tara Fitzgerald's troubled husband - dissolved into daftness as the plot took a head- dive into preposterous nonsense.
Well, in the pantheon of daftness, it is actually not that daft when compared to other silly warnings placed on products by manufacturers hoping to avoid litigation from those among us who may be tempted to eat soap or pour hot coffee in their lap.
He told the Irish Mirror: "I have worked with RTE for 50 odd years and despite all the daftness and weirdness throughout the years, I have a sense of loyalty to RTE.
But it's just a sloppy storyline that means we could be returning to the daftness of Ivy's ghost.
This can only be attributed to illness and terminal daftness on my part.
He may not have the computer-like brain of Bob Monkhouse or the lovable daftness of Eric Morecambe, but he has something more precious.
For all his daftness, he could portray a far better image of himself than he does.
And this is not an isolated case combining alcohol, daftness and lawn order.
Daftness and stupidity were invented by the eccentrics of this world.