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Which leaves me wondering how to compete in the daftness stakes this summer.
THE news that David Cameron appealed to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin to help him win a No vote this September led to an outbreak of online daftness.
Titter works hard and earns his laughs through character, daftness and sheer perseverance.
The journey time saved is thereby undermined by the sheer daftness of a North to South route which leaves passengers in much of north-east Wales unable even to board the train in the first place.
It says much for the daftness of this sport that stats can inspire a debate on who was the better allrounder, Freddie Flintoff or Tony Pigott, when it couldn't be more bleedin' obvious.
The real daftness of the whole thing can be seen when you look at what he's allowed to do on his days off.
I've said I don't want to come back with the daftness I had before.
And, though I hate to be the bearer of bad news, there's even more daftness to come.
RHe obviously still has his sense of humour, daftness and the absurd because he kindly sent me four pages of handwritten jokes.
For Game of Thrones fans and people who enjoy a bit of daftness with a serious edge, The Science of Game of Thrones takes place on Thursday, April 2 from 6pm to 7.
It promises an evening of comedy and song - mixed with their usual dry wit and humour and of course, a good dash of daftness too.
Newton won't be the same without you and your daftness.