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It is like saying that the best daily paper in New York is published out in New Jersey somewhere.
One knew the whole Latin dictionary and also three years' issue of the daily paper of the town off by heart, so that he could repeat it all backwards or forwards as you pleased.
"Surely, sir," said the American in mild remonstrance, "you must admit that the London Times is a daily paper." He drew out a copy from his inside pocket.
The next morning an article appeared in a daily paper of pre-eminent honesty and truth, and talents, in the following words:--
I retired to ponder, and presently she came to me with the daily paper. Which were the leaders?
The evening papers--show me a New Yorker going without his daily paper! --came to six cents; and two Sunday papers--one for the personal column and the other to read--were ten cents.
We are a race of tit-men, and soar but little higher in our intellectual flights than the columns of the daily paper.
`It seems a pity to let the dinner spoil,' said the Editor of a well-known daily paper; and thereupon the Doctor rang the bell.
He worked hard, determined to get on, and at nineteen he found himself in the Gallery of the House of Commons as reporter for a daily paper. Since the days when Samuel Johnson reported speeches without having heard them things had changed.
Her efforts relaxed; she kept on reading the advertisement columns of the daily paper merely to show that she wanted to do something if anything that was worth her while presented itself.
He had seen no daily paper all week, and, strangely to him, felt no desire to see one.
In his spare time he would endow scholarships for the study of medicine and manufactures on strictly English lines, and write letters to the "Pioneer", the greatest Indian daily paper, explaining his master's aims and objects.