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From 2010-2015, Perry was publisher at CNHI's Gainesville Daily Register in Texas and in the four years previous, he was publisher of the company's Benton Courier in Arkansas.
Tenders are invited for Printing and Supply of Stationery Items : R-80, Locker Daily Register of renters attendance , R-76, Safe Deposit Vault rent receipt Book R-85, Postage Registers,R-88, Key Register,R-47/48, Lodgment / Withdrawal Register,R-129, one quire ruled note book,R-39, Cash Balance Register,R-37, Cash Pay /Receipt Register,R-54, Attendance Register,F405, Common Chalan,F401, SB Account opening Form,F339, DA1 nomination,F 6A- Cheque request Form,LDOC-2, DP Note for individual,LDOC 3A, Joint Borrowerfor Zonal Stationery Cell , Porur, Chennai.
I particularly remember him and his class for the unique way in which he marked the daily register of attendance.
PAT team told media representatives that daily register and FIR book were also misplaced from the office.
In April of this year, President Enrique Pena Nieto's administration published a decree in Mexico's daily register (Diario Oficial) that clarified and expanded the use of the recurso de amparo (recourse for protection), which strengthens constitutional protections under the law for a person accused of a crime.
Daily Register has settled an open records lawsuit with the city of Portage.
At least three of the deaths occurred in Harrisburg, where the editor of the local Daily Register, Terry Geese, told CNN that the twister also dropped debris that blocked roads to the hospital.
The daily register did not include hours of attendance, it said - which is a legal requirement.
Kids in Bloom nursery in West Derby also fell foul of Government inspectors for failing to keep a complete daily register logging children on site and "an incomplete written complaints record".
But I grew up watching my dad and his dad put out a Monday-through-Saturday newspaper, The Daily Register, in Harrisburg, Illinois.
The Santa Ana Daily Register of April 11, reporting on a 4-0 win over Long Beach the previous day--only the second game for each team--offered the opinion that "The team is working fine now and should give all the clubs a fight for the pennant.
Seven years ago, Jedd Gould was an inexperienced 24-year-old reporter for the daily Register Citizen in Torrington, Connecticut, when he decided he had had enough.