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By the middle of 1934, the Harrisburg Daily Register carried an article citing the accomplishments that had occurred within the new forest including the establishment of six CCC camps, surfacing of 68 miles of road by Civil Works Administration, and 60 miles by the CCC, construction of 7.6 miles of telephone line, experimental planting of 62 acres of pine, and the construction of three bridges.
The SHO says he has highlighted the issue in the past as well and once against written a report in Roznamcha (daily register).
In an effort to make sense of the large data set, the research team focused on specific pages within the Teacher's Daily Register, a document that consists of 16 pages, to generate research questions of interest.
If a case is not registered, he said, the SHO concerned will have to give a solid reason in the daily register otherwise strict departmental action will be taken against him.
She will continue to serve as publisher of the Weatherford Democrat, the Mineral Wells Index, the Gainesville Daily Register and the Greenville Herald-Banner.
From 2010-2015, Perry was publisher at CNHI's Gainesville Daily Register in Texas and in the four years previous, he was publisher of the company's Benton Courier in Arkansas.
I particularly remember him and his class for the unique way in which he marked the daily register of attendance.
PAT team told media representatives that daily register and FIR book were also misplaced from the office.
In April of this year, President Enrique Pena Nieto's administration published a decree in Mexico's daily register (Diario Oficial) that clarified and expanded the use of the recurso de amparo (recourse for protection), which strengthens constitutional protections under the law for a person accused of a crime.
At least three of the deaths occurred in Harrisburg, where the editor of the local Daily Register, Terry Geese, told CNN that the twister also dropped debris that blocked roads to the hospital.
The daily register did not include hours of attendance, it said - which is a legal requirement.
Kids in Bloom nursery in West Derby also fell foul of Government inspectors for failing to keep a complete daily register logging children on site and "an incomplete written complaints record".