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The estimated number of Presbyterian churches in the South Louisiana Presbytery, most of them in metro New Orleans or on the nearby North Shore, that are believed to have been heavily damaged or destroyed.
Because RAID 6 can recover the lost data even when two hard disks are damaged, recovering the damaged hard disk will not be affected if there are bad sector(s) in other hard disk(s); however, if there are more than 2 bad sectors occurring in the same horizontal section, RAID 6 will meet same problem as RAID 5, but the potential is extremely low.
Willamette realized gain from the damaged trees when it sold the products processed from them.
In most cases, people with spinal cord injuries lose control of whatever muscles are linked to nerves coming off the spinal cord below the damaged point.
Thus, the Appellate Division, while not deciding how plaintiff's damages should be measured, remanded this case back to the Supreme Court for a determination of those damages with instructions that creativity be exercised by the court in enabling these damages, to be calculated with some degree of certainty so that plaintiff, who has been clearly damaged, should not go away empty-handed.
This is of particular concern in commercial losses when an insured may have sophisticated equipment for manufacturing or processing--including computers, both desktops and mainframes--and if any of these items are exposed to certain types of smoke they can be completely damaged to the point where there has to be total restoration of all the metal contacts and the other sensitive components of the systems.
In recent years, however, some scientists have championed a theory of aging that blames the gradual accumulation of damaged proteins, many of them generated by interactions with highly reactive, oxygen-bearing molecules known as free radicals (SN: 5/18/96, p.
In the event the premises are damaged and untenantable as a result of fire, flood or other accidental destruction, does the landlord have the right to terminate the lease?