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Moreover, he includes in these sins for which America deserves punishment setting itself up as an idol to be worshiped: "God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme.
Not giving a damn is indeed a national pastime practiced by many Irish people; in fact, it's one of the things that's kept a modicum of them mildly sane through various degrees of troubles.
Before he takes the hot seat on the Best Damn Sports Show Period, Bean changes in the bathroom at the studio, checks himself out in the mirror, and says, "This works, right?
Even now the apartments are filled by word of mouth through a community of friends, always people we know, always the same damn bunch.
Damn near good as getting your jones off, knowing you're smart enough to talk a man into giving you something he wants to keep.
And to tell a damn fine story, you need to understand why and how that caring happens.
Damn, damn, damn and damn again" TV's Philip Schofield on England's defeat "It is the height of rudeness to interfere in people's sex lives" Actress Rebecca Front, above, who says the term "gay marriage" should be abandoned and the word "marriage" substituted "I have always been Owl Labour" Lord (John) Prescott tries his hand at a pun after a prankster hacked into Labour's press team's Twitter account to say that party policy was that "everyone should have his own owl" "Nothing he left behind has been to the improvement of our country" Best-selling writer Frederick Forsyth on former prime minister Tony Blair WRITE Letters Editor Media Wales Ltd, Six Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR e-mail readers@walesonline.
Damn the Tories, damn the Lib Dems, damn the Labour few, They are all the same to me, one politician's view.
Lohr, award-winning screenwriter, essayist and critic, and co-author of the critically acclaimed screenwriting book "Dan O'Bannon's Guide to Screenplay Structure," proudly announces the "launch" of Damn the Torpedoes Entertainment.
In their view, God is simply too merciful to eternally damn even the most wicked of people.
Damn you to the platitudes in excuse notes to the Freshman English