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Who does the damnable "French" fellow think he is, they spluttered.
Least likely to say, "Pass me the Valium, I can't handle another second of this damnable injury time.
Labour camp survivor Jackie Bell, 82, from Glasgow, was not impressed with Anne and said: "I think it's damnable, kow- towing to a man like that.
The bent outrigger rod was pulled from its holder without first unleashing the safety rope; not a single crank could get past that damnable cord.
Stanyhurst's account of Irish customs suggests why the English found them appalling: "in some corner of the land," he notes, "they vsed a damnable superstition, leauing the right armes of their infants vnchristened (as they term it) to the intent it might glue a more vngratious and deadlie blow.
He also described as "a damnable lie" a story that the BBC once withdrew him from Northern Ireland for paying children to throw stones at soldiers.
They've put me and my family through the most damnable cruelty and they want it to continue.
BOBBY TAIT will not back out of refereeing Rangers v Killie today and it would be damnable if he had been forced to do so.
Dana Rohrabacher, an Orange County conservative who has waged a tenacious campaign against ``the most damnable piece of legislation I've seen'' in eight years in Congress.
Democratic Unionist Party leader Ian Paisley, who visited the injured man in hospital, said: "Nothing can justify such a heinous and damnable crime.
After the war, the generals watched the ongoing revolution in computer technology and wondered whether these machines might be harnessed to help lift war's damnable fog.
It's a damnable disgrace and I am calling for a public inquiry.