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She also assesses woodcuts frequently used in the broadsides, surveying popular images from Damnable Practises, Anne Wallens Lamentation, The Devil's Conquest, Witchcraft Discovered and Punished, and The Unnatural Wife.
I felt much the same in the last century, about the whole damnable "WAG" thing, as if being "romantically attached to a male" was a career choice, and being a "shopping-centric sex-bunny" was something to pep up a CV.
In this work he refers to "the damnable opinions of two principally in our age, wherof the one called SCOT an Englishman, is not ashamed in publike print to deny, that ther can be such a thing as Witch-craft: and so mainteines the old error of the Sadducees, in denying of spirits" (2).
The result is not only chaos, but a display of the most damnable driving manners.
and how the deep good in us is often matched only by the perverse bad in us, and--not least--about the damnable way our demons seem to end up following us, even or especially when we think we've escaped them" (p.
It's even worse for those damnable folders, with their incredibly teensy icons -- and you can't even set a folder icon.
Who knows, maybe on June 7, the 11-8 still available will seem like buying money, but Epsom is such a damnable track for highly-strung, lightlyraced three-year-olds, so just like Guido Fawkes, the last man to enter Parliament with guid intentions, I'm happy to keep my powder dry.
Also that the German government had not a semblance of an excuse for bringing on this damnable war.
Their aggressive posture brings to mind Evelyn Waugh's famous description "of children as of procreation--the pleasure momentary, the posture ridiculous, the expense damnable.
For all Broadchurch is a huge success for ITV and STV, a can of raspberries should be on its way to that damnable continuity announcer who just couldn't wait to jump in as the credits started to roll.
Kauffman's execrable opinion of the title of Wolfe's novel is (to continue his theme of Wolfe's prolixity) detestable, wretched, abominable, and damnable.
That''s why tens of thousands of core public sector workers are on strike today: to expose such a damnable lie.