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Deposed Roman emperors often suffered the indignity of damnatio memoriae (the erasure of their name and image from official records and public monuments) and, in at least one case, the disposal of their body in the River Tiber.
14) If, however, Trajan or his agents had been responsible for bribing Casperius, then Pliny's reference to the mutiny in the Panegyricus would have been doubly offensive to the emperor, by drawing attention to his sordid dealings with Casperius, and his role in avenging Domitian, against whom the senate had passed a damnatio memoriae.
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Iconoclasm as a story of lineage--whether Terah and Abraham, God and Christ, or divine ancestor and emperor--is what is shared with the ancient Roman tradition of damnatio memoriae, the erasure of imperial predecessors.
Dar Senoves Romoje buvo priimtas istatymas Damnatio memori ("Atminties prakeikimas"), pagal kuri privalu naikinti statulas, reljefus arba irasus, kazkada sukurtus smerkiamo asmens slovei.
Better yet, for high-profile traitors that amassed numerous self-depictions in the form of coins or statues, a conviction did not result in the removal of those depictions from the community--a shameful practice known as damnatio memoriae--and thus the traitor's legacy lived on.
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There is a checklist of 105 objects with proper names, a checklist of references to earlier kings in later inscriptions, a detailed study of words for "inscription," comments on name-giving, recopying old inscriptions, damnatio memoriae, multiple inscriptions on the same object, even two pages devoted to the modern military inscriptions at Nahr al-Kalb, Lebanon.
She is well-known for her studies of the Roman constitution, and in volume 2 she attempts another form of demythologizing: to unravel Rienzo both from the damnatio memoriae following his assassination and from claims that he was a unique exception to Rome's constitutional history.
Champlin opines that Nero and Pythagoras turned damnatio ad bestias into a sex game, but does not suggest why they did so.