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But ``Little Manhattan,'' written by Jennifer Flackett and directed by Mark Levin (the team behind ``Wimbledon,'' but don't let that scare you away), doesn't need to be damned with faint praise.
A TIGHTENING of the rules on the use of raceday drugs in Kentucky has been damned with faint praise by the Jockey Club after its welfare director Dr Peter Webbon insisted the United States remained badly out of step with the world's other major racing authorities, writes Graham Green.
Meanwhile, advances in adult stem cell and other non-embryonic regenerative treatments were either ignored or damned with faint praise.
Although damned with faint praise by Kenneth Sisam because he 'left Oxford .
So France do not deserved to be damned with faint praise for marmalising them.
THE Audi TT coupe has often been damned with faint praise as a driver's car but the latest TTS demands respect.
Particularly damned with faint praise are the Villa youngsters, of whom O'Leary clearly rates only Northern Ireland international Steve Davis.
He was damned with faint praise when delegates gave him a halfhearted 15-second round of applause.
AMBITIOUS plans to turn Newcastle into a leading European city have been damned with faint praise after a Government inspection.
WHILE their fantastic campaign has been widely acknowledged, Leicester City continue to be damned with faint praise - especially the regular claim the Foxes are only top because all the Dorchester diners from the International Champions Cup cartel have collectively ballsed up.