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Key events in the conflict are portrayed in cinematic intimacy, but McNally also provides a brutally frank and damningly well-documented account of the war's sordid background: the faithless greed of white settlers who coveted the Modocs' land, the perfidy of US government officials, and the ingrained bigotry of the encroaching American culture and its doctrine of Manifest Destiny.
Tonnesson questions the level to which Giap's and Ho Chi Minh's hands were at best forced by radical elements within their camp or more damningly a result of a blunder.
The public know full well that England are simply not good enough - in terms of technique, tactical nous, nerve and, most damningly, hunger.
According to Sport24, firing out the jokes, Li thanked her agent Max Eisenbud, who was sitting in her players' box , for making her rich and gave damningly faint praise to her long-suffering husband Jiang Shan, her former coach and often the butt of her jokes.
Transparency International, a non-profit, consistently ranks Romania at the bottom of European nations, while, more damningly, a 2013 World Economic Forum report put Romania 141 out of 148 countries for "public trust in politicians."
And it is a long season; Blues finished decently after the turn of the year and to write off everyone and everything so damningly and quickly is not always advisable.
Most damningly, A&E departments are failing to do psychiatric assessments on half of all patients who have self-harmed or attempted suicide, Jonny eventually takes his findings to the new minister for Care And Support, Norman Lamb.
Belykh said he had not read all the court papers but damningly said he had not seen evidence of the alleged crime.
Similarly, Stowe's sharp dealing with formerly enslaved, fellow female abolitionist author Harriet Jacobs, fairly damningly recounted by both Hedrick and Jacobs's biographer Jean Fagan Yellin, is relegated to an endnote.
Although most of the comments attached to the post were supportive, even "gung ho," more sober analyses were largely critical, pointing to poor tactics, disorganized command, wasteful use of ammunition, inadequate defensive preparations, and more damningly, failure to observe proper procedures.
Me" damningly appraises the United Nations as an institution whose noble original mission has grown compromised by Kafkaesque bureaucracy, ineptitude, corruption and the influence of member nations protecting their own U.N.
It is permitted unchecked to brutalise the men, women and most damningly the children of Palestine under the 'plan that never changed', in an occupied territory that does not belong to it, behind an Iron Wall built by Zionism maintained by naked aggression and symbolising Israel's Occupation, Colonialism and Apartheid.