damp down

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Instead, he recognizes that the principal purpose of nuclear weapons is to discourage the other side from using nuclear weapons as well as to damp down potential conflicts that might escalate into conventional and then into nuclear wars, and he justifiably chides the proponents of "flexible response"--gradual escalation from conventional weapons to "tactical" nuclear weapons to larger-scale nuclear exchanges--for not thinking seriously about where flexibility can lead.
The fire was under control by around 5pm, and firefighters stayed on to damp down the scene.
It took over two hours to bring under control and firefighters, who used water from a nearby stream to extinguish the fire, remained at the scene until 4pm yesterday to damp down the smouldering ashes.
it is likely that we will be in attendance for the rest of the day while we damp down and investigate the cause of the fire.
Harvest courgettes and green beans on a daily basis or they'll go tough and tasteless and you will stop the next batch developing Remove patches of eggs which cabbage white butterflies have laid on brassicas Damp down the floors and staging in the greenhouse Lift garlic bulbs, bunch loosely and hang in an airy place to dry.
Firefighters were today continuing to damp down the wreckage of the garage, which was used for storage, in Holton Street, Barry.
Mad's overpaid flunky had tried to damp down rumours of a marriage-split but seemed to manage to do just the opposite, thanks to her reputation as, ahem, a "non-truth teller".
It took us three hours to bring the blaze under control and then damp down.