damp down

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DESTROYED: Firefighters damp down at Hightown Cricket Club, main picture, and, above, the smouldering remains of the clubhouse Pictures: COLIN LANE Top left, the gutted interior Picture: PAUL SCHOFIELD
Wash off shading paint from greenhouse windows but still damp down the greenhouse floor during any hot spells.
Damp down the floors and staging in the greenhouse and check regularly to see if plants need water.
AFTERMATH: Fire crews damp down the gutted office block which is in danger of collapse
Iain Duncan Smith, pictured, has told North East Tories the party is poised to win back the region as he tries to damp down speculation that he could be ousted as Conservative leader.
They had to put out the fire and make sure the building was safe for firefighters to enter to damp down any smouldering bales.
A crew from Bangor returned to the scene later yesterday to damp down and make sure there were no active pockets of fire.