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The researchers' work draws on periodic sound barriers, in which a series of inclusions dampen sound at certain frequencies while allowing wind to pass through.
It certainly 'dampened the spirit' of the rag's photographer who cursed loudly while lining up the perished partygoers.
FARM FIRE: Crews from Grangetown dampen down a barn after a fire ripped through the building, at Old Hall Farm, Crow Lane, Eston, in the middle of the night.
"Our analysis suggests that fiscal consolidation usually dampens economic activity in the short term," the Washington-based institution said in a statement.
And the crowd's spirit was not dampened by the snow which hit Wrexham earlier with about 10,000 thousand pouring through the turnstile.
"We arrived and used a hose reel to dampen it down.
2 : to make dull or less active <A bad start didn't dampen our confidence.>
None of these challenges has dampened Roy's enthusiasm for life, especially where golf is concerned.
In addition to holding cutting tools, toolholders dampen vibration, which can occur during machining, protecting the machine spindle, reducing chipping of the cutting edge, and increasing tool life.
When a factory closes, when farmers are told to change crops and learn anew, when comfort is banished and replaced by competition, it can dampen a country's will.
The pores, created by using stones of similar size in the asphalt mix, are thought to dampen the hiss of the pumped air and to impair the acoustic reflectivity of the road surface.
The proposed regulations proved quite controversial, sparking an outpouring of concern from charitable groups that the proposal would dampen the climate for philanthropy and were inconsistent with the government's efforts to encourage charitable giving and volunteerism.