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LimbSaver's Windjammer is designed to dampen noise and vibration through its tube filled with NAVCOIVI--a proprietary elastomeric material originally intended to quiet audio equipment and electronics.
5 ounces, is made of aluminum and is designed to dampen vibration and noise.
Finally, because e-business permits self-service technical support, it dampens the need for computer support specialists.
Sales related: Retail trade, except eating and drinking places and nonstore retailers, SICs 52-57 and 59, except 596 14,536 Dampens output and employment needs.
It appears that a mutation in another gene dampens RAR-beta's activity, Copp says.
Safari Safety Products is a natural expansion for the company that introduced Molecuthane(TM), an amazing, new material/technology which absorbs, dampens and distributes high energy from impacts reducing G-forces at the point of impact by as much as 70%
Brief treatment with a drug that dampens pleasurable sensations induced by the brain's natural opiates may offer significant help to alcoholics, especially when teamed with training in ways to avoid and resist alcohol cravings.
Zahren said the robotically applied Audioguard acoustic coating dampens sound and vibration more efficiently, with less weight and cost, than commonly used manually installed pads.
The group also found that sound travels through the confined, supercooled fluids at the same speed and dampens over the same distance as it would in a solid.
The study dampens the hopes of steam-cure enthusiasts while also raising concerns about the treatment's potentially aggravating effects on virally besieged nasal membranes, Macknin says.
Excessive public intervention provides substantial opportunities for waste and corruption and dampens long-term growth prospects.
economy -- which absorbs 85% of Mexico's exports -- would also dampen export growth.