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An interesting aspect about the setup of the DRiV: the damper doesn't require an electronic control unit.
Outdoor air flow rate is controlled primarily by the relief and coil path return dampers, and in the event that adequate outdoor air cannot be provided by manipulating these dampers (only in the event that that the relief air damper is fully open and the coil path return damper is fully closed), then the bypass damper can be incrementally closed to force more air out through the relief damper, causing more air to enter through the outdoor air inlet.
After the first inspection, dampers are only required to be inspected every 4 years, while hospitals are required to have fire and smoke damper inspections completed every 6 years.
It is relatively easy and cost effective to change the compliance of the damper top mounts compared with changing the characteristics of other suspension components to improve the vehicle ride comfort and harshness performance [16], [17], [13], [14].
Push button damper adjustment allows room occupants to control airflow to match comfort needs.
Dampers are installed vertically, low input carried in the lower cap, and an output through the side surface at a distance of 100 mm from the bottom cover of the damper.
The variable damper system operates in response to vibration data gathered by the system's acceleration sensors to keep the car body in optimum condition by controlling the damping force of individual dampers in real time.
Improvement of Ride Comfort by Unsprung Negative Skyhook Damper Control Using In-Wheel Motors," SAE Int.
Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC)(TYO: 7267), a Japan-based automaker, has received an Indian patent for an invention regarding an innovative steering damper device for motorcycles.
It has better outdoor airflow control performance with almost constant system gain, the derivative of the outdoor airflow rate to the damper command, and it has lower disturbance gains, the derivative of the outdoor airflow rate to the SF and RF speeds (Wang et al.
The CDF is an evolved damping force in a linear function of the half-car body pitch angular acceleration and only supplements the front and rear quarter-car suspension damper forces with the same magnitude but an inverse phase.