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The Hoh Rain Forest, a swath of green on the western edge of the park, is one of the dampest places in the continental United States (it soaks in an average of 12 to 14 feet of rain each year).
In the meantime, the Euro 2016 qualifying draw has proved the dampest of commercial squibs for the FA.
And while the glasshouse demonstrates greenhouse growing on an epic scale - the 95m structure in Llanarthne, with its 785 panels of glass, is suspended by steel structural ribs - it shows what can be achieved in the dampest of climates.
His 710-metre Wembley showdown with Ballyregan Bob, who was sheer brilliance personified, may have fizzled out into the dampest of squibs, yet a comparison between the two legends of the time was always unfair.
Hair serums tough enough for the dampest autumn weather.
Spooky and minimal, it's Bieber's formal coming-out party as an adult: hip-hop buzzword filigree, his dampest sounding vocals and whispered come-ons that most recall the naughty Ying Yang Twins hit Wait (The Whisper Song).
"In any factory you go into, even if it is the dampest, darkest place, there will always be something that you can pick up and think 'that's a good idea'."
New Garnier Fructis Hydra Liss is a fixing spray with an anti-frizz action that is said to be effective against even the dampest weather, yet nourishes hair too.
It didn't help that 2008 ushered in one of the coldest, dampest summers in decades across the state.
As further evidence, the laboratory tests showed the dampest layers at the depth of 9 m (Ol 1) and 10-11 m (Ol 2).
Now, in our grayest and dampest time of year, it's a beautiful twist of nature that citrus is coming to full flush (albeit in southern, sunnier climes).
Even on the dampest of days there's no need to let style go down the drain.