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The new model allows line width data to yield separate information about damping and non-uniformity, and for some data sets, limits may be placed on the defect sizes, thus allowing much better characterization of magnetic recording media, heads, and other devices designed for GHz applications.
Noise problems can be attacked at the source with vibration damping and with traditional methods of acoustic absorbers and barriers.
It is assumed viscous damping scheme, and damping coefficient is determined in function of beam length and second moment area of cross-section.
This industry-first, damping control system adjusts a vehicle's suspension up to one thousand times a second to help flatten corners, smooth the ride and significantly enhance vehicle refinement and body control.
Built at NIST-Boulder, the CryoPIMM will be a powerful new tool to investigate the fundamental origins of precessional damping in thin metallic films.
Electronically controlled versions expand the performance envelope by rotating a rod containing multiple orifices to change the damping Force.
Enstrom contacted this company in 2000 seeking a main rotor damper with improved damping performance characteristics, reduced scheduled maintenance and increased service life.
In addition, the damping mechanisms that couple the magnetism to the thermal bath also drive the magnetic fluctuations that characterize the superparamagnetic limit of storage density.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Delphi Automotive Systems (NYSE: DPH) today unveiled its new MagneRide(TM) suspension control technology, the industry's most advanced variable damping system and one of the links to complete vehicle chassis integration, according to the engineers who helped develop it.
According to researchers from the Advanced Composites Manufacturing and Engineering Center at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, this approach increases the vibration damping of composite structures without significant reductions in stiffness or increases in weight.
is a new family of PTFE-thickened damping greases designed for high-shear, metal-on-metal components that have to operate smoothly and quietly for extended periods.
It also offers exceptional sensitivity to glass transitions and provides information about the modulus and damping behaviors of the material with respect to temperature.