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Firefighters damping down after they tackled a blaze at London Zoo LONDON FIRE BRIGADE
Firefighters still damping down yesterday after battling the flames for more than eight hours
Crews were also still damping down at a site housing 25 heavy goods vehicles at Northowram, in Calderdale, which was also wrecked.
Firefighters finish damping down the fire that destroyed a tyre fitting business on Willenhall Road, Wolverhampton.
But a Health and Safety Executive inspection on May 27, 2010, found the site was dry and there had been no damping down for a week.
Firefighters were last night still damping down the inferno at Camden Market in London 24 hours after it began.
More than 100 firefighters tackled the blaze at its peak, and 25 remained yesterday morning damping down.
Those who must use them should limit smoke by burning small, hot fires with lots of oxygen intake, burning only dry wood, letting the fire burn hot into the night and not damping down the stove.
As well as damping down passions, other long-term effects of ecstasy included clinical depression and anxiety.
Cool things down by shading the glass, increasing ventilation or damping down.
However, Intel has already been damping down the importance of its new chipset because of fears over the availability of Rambus chips.
Throughout yesterday, fire crews remained at the scene damping down pockets of fire still alight throughout the complex.