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Freelayer Damping System--In the freelayer damping system, the damping material is placed on the structure to be damped.
7 wt% of MWCNT composite is an effective damping material, even though only a small amount of MWCNTs were added to silicone elastomer.
Acoustical engineers will add more damping material, such as modified asphalt, inside the appliance's housing to damp these vibrations further.
This clearly indicates the IPNs can be tailor-made to suit the characteristics required for a chosen damping material.
Optimised door seals and additional vibration damping materials between the rear crossmembers further improve cabin comfort.
The solid base in which the instrument is installed is lined with acoustic damping materials to minimize the effects of vibration, which special alloys also surround the instrument to act as a magnetic barrier.
The vehicle features revised rear swing-gate, revised rear bumper with a pseudo silver skid plate, interiors with a new instrument cluster with chrome accents and light dimming, chrome surround for power window switches, thicker damping materials on the doors and bonnet, tighter seals for pedals, a sat-nav system and a rear-view camera.
Damping materials are designed to reduce the noise in the interior of a car by weakening or eliminating vibrations that are transferred to its body and cause unpleasant buzzing sounds.
For example, this effect has to be taken into account in the formulation of high-performance damping materials for noise reduction in the aerospace and automotive industries.
The same kind of damping materials are used in sporting equipment such as tennis rackets, golf clubs and baseball bats.
reviewed the status of various damping materials and discussed advanced damping materials and advanced damping technology [7].