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It's not the cloth's fault but we've had a lot of rain and it feels dampish in the arena," said the 48-year-old.
Kondo confesses, "I love Gale and there is only a dream on a cool pillow and masturbation between two cool dampish feeling sheets" (ms.
In a dampish, semi-wild area, the British native ramsons, Allium ursinum provides interesting ground cover, growing up to 22cm (9in) tall.
They can be up to 10 inches down and finding them can depend on the type of soil, with dampish soil being best, the quality of the metal detector and the way they are lying.
It was kept throughout the year in a dampish bedroom cupboard.
Haverfordwest were also uncertain on a dampish wicket and scored only 33 runs in eleven overs.
THE weather may have been a tad dampish of late - but you can't fault the folk at Audi for at least attempting to brighten up the outlook for car lovers.