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The dog drifted over the dampish earth like a weaving trail of smoke, pausing here, stopping there, wisping his unobtrusive way through the stand's nooks and crannies.
TV's dampish squib promised to reveal racing's dark secrets.
The 48-year-old said: "We have had a lot of rain and it feels dampish in the arena.
"It's not the cloth's fault but we've had a lot of rain and it feels dampish in the arena," said the 48-year-old.
They can be up to 10 inches down and finding them can depend on the type of soil, with dampish soil being best, the quality of the metal detector and the way they are lying.
It was kept throughout the year in a dampish bedroom cupboard.
All adjust happily in gardens, needing only dampish conditions and whatever soil is on offer.
After winning the toss they put in the visitors on a dampish wicket and exploited the conditions beautifully.