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You get to take a certain amount of artistic license,'' Dan Goetz said with a laugh as he showed off his layout.
But Dan says to his surprise, he found himself seated across from a millionaire who turned out to be not much older than he was.
The Millbury storeowners are only the second franchisees in Cold Stone([R]) history to be awarded the Dan Farr Pioneer award.
The cast is uniformly good, with Quaid and Grace reveling in the well- realized dynamic between old-school Dan and the hyper Carter, whose wild careerism cannot mask an emotional neediness born from a complete absence of family and friends.
The Dan David Prize Final Nominees for the Future Time Dimension were selected by the 2003 Dan David Prize Review Committee, comprised of renowned figures in the field from all over the world.
Acting-wise, top honors go to Owen, who played Dan in the original London stage production.
I have great confidence in Dan and the entire Virage Logic management team.
Having shot high last spring, when he was a beginner turkey hunter, Dan remained calm and remembered to aim at the base of the neck for a clean kill.
An advisory board, representative of public and private groups interested in the management of wild horses and burros and their habitat, will be established to help Dan Post officials determine the best use of the money.
We do well in areas that are really cold - like Canada and Alaska,'' said Dan Kreigh, an aeronautical engineer at famed aircraft designer Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites company.
Dan will also be a key member in the expansion of the specialty construction division including an underwriting facility for Residential Builders/GC, Crane/Rigging and Energy.