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There'll be a dale of smoke," returned Dan, sitting up and ticking off the situation on his fingers, "sure to be, an' the noise of the firin'll be tremenjus, an' we'll be running about up and down, the regiment will.
And he told us by word of mouth to go and join with the niggers - you've forgotten that, Dan," said Horse Egan, to justify sentence.
Dan clapped Mulcahy merrily on the back, asking him to sing up.
His eyes staring at nothing, his mouth open and frothing, and breathing as one in a cold bath, he went forward demented, while Dan toiled after him.
said Dan, with a twinkle in his eye as he stretched himself for rest.
They came in, and "this regiment" withdrew to conspire under the leadership of Dan Grady.
Excellent as a subordinate, Dan failed altogether as a chief-in- command - possibly because he was too much swayed by the advice of the only man in the regiment who could manufacture more than one kind of handwriting.
His curiosity would have been satisfied had he seen Dan Grady, discredited regimental conspirator, trying to explain to his thirsty comrades in India the non-arrival of funds from New York.
What we had was more than special because Dan was my only boyfriend.
Written and published in Berlin in 1922 immediately after Dan, a prominent menshevik leader, had been exiled from soviet Russia, it describes in vivid terms Dan's personal experiences under conditions of war communism, civil war, and the beginnings of the New Economic Policy (NEP).
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