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Whether music-based exercise is used as a tool for reminiscence activity or as a chance to let residents share the fun and excitement of today's beat, dance therapy and hip-hop stretch can be easily worked into a facility's recreational therapy or wellness exercise program.
Dance therapy gives more options for expression," says Leslie Daly, a dancer and dance/movement therapist in New York City.
And since introducing Lydia to movement and dance therapy at the Touch Trust, based at the Wales Millennium Centre, has seen a great improvement in her awareness.
A book display on Art therapy, Bibliotherapy, dance therapy and colour therapy ison the third floor of the Art, Languages & Literature centre.
Choreography, notation, dance animation and dance therapy are related areas of work.
At the same time, the therapeutic recreation department was expanded to include music therapy, dance therapy, drama and individual recreational outlets to suit each resident, whether one prefers computers or golf.
American DANCE THERAPY Association 2000 Century Plaza, Ste 108 Columbia, MD 21044 (410) 997-4040 (voice) (410) 997-4048 (fax) Approves educational programs in dance/movement therapy and registers professional therapists.
Winning programs include overnight camp scholarships, a cooking/ life skills camp; social skills classes, an equestrian camp and a sibling support group; dance therapy classes; youth services programs including community outings and field trips for teens, a multi-sensory learning camp, a program to connect teens with disabilities with other kids in their community, and an adaptive bikes program.
The book includes examples of work from all four arts therapies, such as solution-focused brief drama therapy group work in mainstream education in Sri Lanka, art therapy for children with learning difficulties who have experienced trauma, and dance therapy for children on the autism spectrum.
Sparkplug Dance founder Rachael Carnes has studied dance, education, developmental psychology and dance therapy in Portland, Seattle and New York City.
But since then she's studied balancing the body's energies through Reiki therapy, dance therapy, relaxation techniques and teacher's training and - with the help of women's enterprise agency Chwarae Teg - set up her alternative dance school in Pontypridd.
The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) and the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) have recognized dance therapy as a specialty of counseling and have designated the Academy of Dance Therapists, Registered (ADTR) credential for dance/movement therapy signifying readiness to teach, supervise and work in private practice.