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The objective of the study is to quantitatively assess an influence of modified Lindy Hop dance therapy on lower limb biomechanics of PD patients via capturing subjects' kinematic gait data using wireless inertial sensors.
Carnes, who has a dance theater degree from Reed College in Portland and who was certified in dance therapy at the New School for Social Research in New York City, has relied on grants and donations to keep Sparkplug Dance going.
Key words that used were dance, children and dance therapy.
In photos are the volunteers and the children during their dance therapy session.
I also want to use dance to help people - I want to get a master's in dance therapy one day.
They will also hold art therapy group-work, an exercise referral scheme, dance therapy, a nutrition class and a stop smoking scheme.
Austin presents the case of Sara, a 25-year-old dance therapy student who sought vocal psychotherapy because she was worried that she was becoming passive and distrustful of others, which would inhibit her in her future career (Austin, 1991).
On April 23, LGBCM officially announced the creation of the world's first National Centre for Dance Therapy, in partnership with health and higher-education institutions in Quebec.
A ballerina who struggled with an eating disorder, Rea, who is also a therapeutic performance facilitator and has taught dance therapy, dance improvisation, and contact dance, became a psychotherapist and developed a style of expressive arts therapy that focuses on body awareness as the source of creative inspiration.
We also use music and dance therapy, which is great for motivation," says Dr Kataria.
For example, using movement or dance therapy has exercise value that could replace exercise machines such as the treadmill.