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The death in Venice is Aschenbach partaking of this final sacrament of the religion of dandyism. I posit that Death in Venice can be read as a queer text and a celebration (albeit an ambivalent one) of rebellion.
It spans both the range of ordinary working clothes, from the overalls of sappers to the T-shirts of naval gunnies, and the high-end, almost foppish finery of the dress uniform, an ensemble that, in its way, is the intrusion of dandyism into the serious male business of killing people.
(2.) Miller explores black dandyism, Brooks examines racial performativity in the work of transatlantic activists and entertainers, and Hale discusses the relationship between segregation and definitions of whiteness in the South.
[that] leads to his posturing, dandyism and flights into exile"
Americans rejected moustaches and other signs of dandyism. But the most effective response, as McCullough shows, was devotion to work.
What better juxtaposition than the flowery-shirted, Gucci-loafered dandyism of Sir Henry Cecil standing cheek by jowl with the baggy trousers and braces of Sir Mick Easterby, or the lofty and imposing John Gosden leaving his Newmarket eyrie to rub shoulders with the stumpy and pugnacious David Nicholls (actually, Gosden and Nicholls could only rub shoulders if Gosden were to kneel down, but you know what I mean).
His style of dress is often referred to as dandyism.
EUR[pounds sterling]Well, IEUROm into dandyism in all its forms, but not in a foppish or pretentious way," he said.
His style was 'dandyism' and he's credited with introducing suits with cravats as everyday wear.
Glick, however, earns the right to allude to the danger of "swallowing" dandyism, on account of the striking lucidity and directness of her own approach.
I am interested in continuing to apply a strain of dandyism to landscape.