dangerous course

See: hazard
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He saw clearly that if he took Jacob himself, his absence, conjoined with the disappearance of the stranger, would either cause the conviction that he was really a relative, or would oblige him to the dangerous course of inventing a story to account for his disappearance, and his own absence at the same time.
Every half tide Billy raced out the south wall over the dangerous course he and Hall had traveled, and each trial found him doing it in faster time.
In a speech on Sunday, Nasrallah said that the incident involving Israeli drones targeting the Southern District in Beirut is a very serious issue, and that it cannot be overlooked because this would set up for a dangerous course against Lebanon.
We want to create the structures of deterrence that will convince Iran that this would be a dangerous course for them to pursue.
He said: "You engaged in a dangerous course of driving and attempted to escape from the attentions of police."
The 400-mile journey across the Boothia Peninsula in the Canadian Arctic was due to take up to 42 days while charting a dangerous course over a land of ice and snow in one of the world's most inhospitable regions.
Modi government is treading a very dangerous course by raising the enmity bar against Pakistan as well as by continuing suppression of the freedom movement in IHK with ruthless military might and blatant violations of human rights.
Modi is therefore treading a very dangerous course.
These two bills would put our state on a dangerous course towards the mismanagement or privatization of our incredible public lands.
Pushing animals beyond their natural abilities on an intentionally dangerous course is a recipe for disaster.
Since Theresa May cowardly cancelled the meaningful vote on her damaging Brexit proposals, we have tried every means in the Westminster rulebook to bring about change to the dangerous course this UK Government are on.
Neither the cabinet nor parliament would endorse such an extreme and dangerous course."