dangerous course

See: hazard
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He saw clearly that if he took Jacob himself, his absence, conjoined with the disappearance of the stranger, would either cause the conviction that he was really a relative, or would oblige him to the dangerous course of inventing a story to account for his disappearance, and his own absence at the same time.
Every half tide Billy raced out the south wall over the dangerous course he and Hall had traveled, and each trial found him doing it in faster time.
Flippantly attempting to change that bargain eschews political realities and threatens to set the European project on a dangerous course.
It would push both the countries into an unpredictably dangerous course.
A US cargo ship sets a dangerous course off Somalia and is hijacked by pirates.
He certainly changed in 2013 and 2014 and moved away from the man others speak of an took a dangerous course and he will pay a heavy price for that.
Jealousy and its dangerous course is one of the primary themes of the story as Jen and Colton face a dangerous convict who still has the idea that Jen is his girlfriend, despite obvious indicators otherwise - and who has no intention of letting her go.
It is taking India on a dangerous course at the behest of big business houses and foreign monopolies, who want to continue increasing their wealth, gravely endangering peace and security in this region.
He stressed that the session referred to, was the most dangerous course in world oil prices over the past years, and that prices have seen a sharp decline in 2016 compared to 2014.
response, Saudi Arabia will likely be tempted to consider a more independent and perhaps dangerous course of action.
But only one nation has the power to deflect North Korea from its dangerous course - China, which must realize that scolding the regime of Kim Jong Un is not enough.