dangerous situation

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At length the reflux of the tide, and the springing up of the wind, enabled them to quit their dangerous situation and take shelter in a small bay within Cape Disappointment, where they rode in safety during the residue of a stormy night, and enjoyed a brief interval of refreshing sleep.
He thought how one day, in a less dangerous situation than the one in which he was now placed, he had already endeavored to sacrifice her to his honor.
His antagonist sprung from horseback, waved his fatal sword over the head of his adversary, and commanded him to yield himself; when Prince John, more moved by the Templars dangerous situation than he had been by that of his rival, saved him the mortification of confessing himself vanquished, by casting down his warder, and putting an end to the conflict.
Notwithstanding the unfortunate circumstances of our company, and our dangerous situation, as surrounded with hostile savages, our meeting so fortunately in the wilderness made us reciprocally sensible of the utmost satisfaction.
Such dangerous situations did not occur twice in the course of one life--he added.
ARBIL/ Aswat al-Iraq: Kurdish President Masoud Barzani disclosed today that he warned Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki of the dangerous situation in Mosul and possibilities of losing power there, but his answer was "mind Kurdistan business and leave Iraq to us".
He told BBC Radio 4's The World This Weekend: "If you take into account the inevitable increase in interest rates that is going to come some time in the medium if not early future then that is a dangerous situation.
The continued efforts by Russian forces to seize Ukrainian military installations are creating a dangerous situation.
BEIRUT - Saudi Arabia's embassy in Beirut has called on citizens to leave Lebanon because of the dangerous situation, its ambassador said Thursday, after some media linked the kingdom to deadly blasts.
This wind has put the region in a dangerous situation and calls for a firm and responsible stance in the face of this scheme.
As they resort to extreme measures to crack a case, the rookie is left battling his conscience in a dangerous situation.
Lebanon is in a dangerous situation," Aboul Gheit said in an interview with local radio.

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