dangerous undertaking

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We are appreciative of the fact that this is a dangerous undertaking on our part.
Keeping the world safe from North Korea will be a more "difficult, expensive, and dangerous undertaking" than many people want to believe.
Second, is the cleaning of hospital floors tantamount to engaging in an inherently dangerous undertaking? Lastly, did Capital breach its duty to use the applicable standard of care for the plaintiffs?
The tactic worked, since killing an ordained being is a dangerous undertaking for people of Buddhist faith.
Simple tasks like "preparing a meal became certainly an arduous, sometimes a humorous, and occasionally a dangerous undertaking." (99) One former plantation mistress
Craig Quigley said airdrops would be ''a particularly dangerous undertaking'' and hinted at the possibility that transport planes performing the airdrops would have fighter escorts.
"Getting there" is definitely not the daunting, often dangerous undertaking of 4th century Christians who ventured to the Holy Land from all over the Roman Empire.
In the excitement of the act, however, or more likely in my fascination with its mechanics, I too easily forget that world-changing is a dangerous undertaking. Little wonder then, when I realize this, that I prefer the anonymity of collectives or the defense of busyness or the illusion of passivity.
Looking six months into the future, which is always a dangerous undertaking in meteorology, we are not facing a good rainfall season.
The UN chief also expressed concern over kidnappings and assault on international staff in Darfur saying it means that activities "of UNAMID and the agencies will continue to be a risky and dangerous undertaking".
"It's a very dangerous undertaking, but that's part of the beauty of it," one veteran mountaineer commented.
So during the American bombing of his country, Abu Wardi was among the few who took a risk and fled on foot, a dangerous undertaking. Some of the people in the party were lost.

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