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As far as an army may be considered as a dangerous weapon of power, it had better be in those hands of which the people are most likely to be jealous than in those of which they are least likely to be jealous.
With a flourish of his dangerous weapon, he fell down upon the ground like a log.
But at the very moment when the dangerous weapon was in the act of descending, the subtle Huron rolled swiftly from beneath the danger, over the edge of the precipice, and falling on his feet, was seen leaping, with a single bound, into the center of a thicket of low bushes, which clung along its sides.
At length, little Jane perceiving its young brains to be imperilled, softly left her place, and with many small artifices coaxed the dangerous weapon away.
If this trouble comes to pass, the indiscriminate right of suffrage bestowed upon the masses will be a dangerous weapon in their hands.
said the nearly breathless Ellen, pushing aside the dangerous weapons which were again pointed in the direction of the shrinking person of the herald.
Point those dangerous weapons aside, I entreat of you; more for your own sakes, than for mine.
ACID is explicitly listed as a potentially dangerous weapon for the first time in new sentencing guidelines for Wales and England.
The district attorney's office also has amended a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon against Jaime Fuentes, 48, a correction officer at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, to assault with a dangerous weapon.
The vuvuzelas are set to be branded as a dangerous weapon and banned from grounds after a series of attacks recently.
In the ruling, Judge Sawako Gardner dismissed two charges filed against a Laconia man that alleged he was a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon and driving a stolen 1988 Ford truck.
While out on bond on April 27, Mills used an as-yet-unregulated dangerous weapon, a crowbar, to break into a house in the city of Wilkes-Barre at 7 p.