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Often whether or not the dangerousness hurdle has been cleared is a simple issue of evidence.
Officials are notoriously prone to overestimate dangerousness,(3) so the SVP law weakens the most important limit on civil commitment.
The dangerous are, by definition, people whose harmful conduct we can predict with reasonable certainty, but also people who must be (as Corrado says) free enough to be punished both for their dangerousness (their recklessly endangering others) and for the underlying crime their dangerousness threatens should that threat be realized.
Even when statutes are explicit in permitting detention on grounds of "dangerousness," they frequently fail to provide specific standards for determining dangerousness.
Lady Justice Smith and Mr Justice Gross said he had to decide whether "PC Milton's unusual driving skills were such as to make a crucial difference to the dangerousness of his driving".
Other chapters explore: forensic identification, police interrogations and false testimonies, sexual harassment, mitigation in capital cases, battered women, the insanity defense, child custody, future dangerousness and eyewitness identification.
The arraignment judge continued to maintain a sizeable cash bail and ordered him held until a hearing could determine his dangerousness and mental condition.
I haveaskedfor a review so we can have a proper scale linking it to the nature of the offence and dangerousness of the offence.
Mehta's Tolomeo (Cleopatra's scheming brother) is a much stronger portrayal, a carefully etched blend of effeminacy and dangerousness.
Kevin Hegarty, defending, said: "The dangerousness was in not giving himself enough time to look and, if he did see anything, to stop.
Clinicians and independent observers showed substantial agreement on the types of behavior indicating dangerousness, say the researchers.
WORCESTER -- A man accused of striking a teenager in the head with the barrel of a shotgun while he committed a home invasion in November was ordered held without bail for at least another four months after a dangerousness hearing Tuesday.