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23) Putting aside for a moment the question whether the courts were correct about the poor science behind these assertions denying culpability due to genetic predispositions, it appears odd, as a practical matter, that the same courts rely on predictions of dangerousness that are even less scientific.
36) Expert testimony regarding the acquittee's current mental health and future dangerousness will often be decisive in the release decision.
Whereas substantial support exists for attribution models of helping behavior, growing evidence also suggests that perceptions of dangerousness are central to the public's response to individuals with mental illness (Brockington, Hall, Levings, & Murphy, 1993; Cohen & Struening, 1962; Link, Phelan, Bresnahan, Stueve, & Pescosolido, 1999; Pescosolido et al.
The attention of a capital jury in Virginia is therefore directed toward two considerations: the future dangerousness of the defendant and the vileness of the crime.
19) Nevertheless, the prosecutor claimed that he was not "argu[ing] future dangerousness.
4) The "at issue" requirement, in turn, reflects the empirical assumption that capital jurors worry about the defendant's future dangerousness, and thus about what a sentence of life imprisonment really means, only if the state injects the issue of future dangerous into the proceedings.
There will have to be reports so I can consider the issue of dangerousness and there may be a request for a further psychiatric report.
The judge said that he had a presentence report on Randall but he wanted probation officers to interview him again in prison to give their view on his dangerousness.
It mainly includes - Studies which aim to make such a pest and dangerousness diagnostic inspected for each tree to estimate its future and recommend appropriate interventions to his condition;- Tests and analyzes to be performed;- Technical assistance and training missions;- Presentations.
A dangerousness hearing requested by prosecutors was held Wednesday before Judge Robert J.
On the one hand, a narrow definition of dangerousness may lead to delayed treatment; [2,3] reports from other countries indicate that the duration of untreated mental disorders is extended and proper treatment delayed when applying obligatory dangerousness criterion for inpatient treatment.