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The blend constructions dares + BI clause for 3rd person singular and dared + BI clause for simple past will be discussed in more detail in Sections 3.
3 : to face with courage <They dared the dangerous crossing.
This script that Marco wrote, and the way the comedy unfolded, was very natural and honest and dared to take some chances," Savage says.
AN INDIAN TV show that dared two teenage girls to strip to their underwear on a crowded Bombay street has triggered an uproar.
Denise Rogers and Christopher and Angela and Adrienne and Dianne and Stephanie and Martha and Haruko and Amy and Sara and Pratibha and Lauren and Roberta and Camille and my colleagues and students at school and the neighbors next door and Amigo, the Airedale who lives with me - they dared me to make this cancer thing into a fight: They dared me to practice trying to lift my arm three or four inches away from my side.
Shell suggested playing truth or dare and Stuart was dared to put a breadstick between his buttocks and run around, saying "I am team handsome" - which he did.