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For every one of the 191 on board Daring, 10 people applied.
HMS Daring will now be formally commissioned in July, before being deployed in mid-2010.
With the way things are now with isolated performances," says Fagundes, "you can arrange to guest with Daring.
SHIP SHAPE J Able Seaman Sean Dobson gives destroyer HMS Daring's bell a polish FAREWELL n A piper, below left, plays and the crew waves as HMS Daring leaves Portsmouth Harbour
The ship really is something absolutely stunning, the people of Birmingham should be very proud of HMS Daring.
Commanding Officer of HMS Daring Captain Paddy McAlpine was happy to welcome guests from the city aboard.
She admits: "The most daring thing I have ever done is when I was draped in a sheet and nothing else for a photograph.
Daring said city educators are focusing on freshmen, noting that these students who fail multiple courses or are frequently absent can easily become drop-outs.
Burke landed an Ayr Gold Cup one-two nine days ago with Always Alight just holding on from Daring Destiny, who started at 33-1.
As part of the link with the school, the crew of HMS Daring will pay regular visits, with pupils able to monitor the ship's progress at sea through a link on its website.