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After years playing up its mythical girl-luring powers, the new Dry+ Sensitive ad is a daringly ambiguous homage to Top Gun, the most homoerotic film Hollywood ever let out of its sparkly closet.
Meanwhile unknown persons have daringly kidnapped one Nasrullah from the Sagi area of Tehsil Safi, in broad daylight.
The Scots actor clearly liked what he saw as Friends star Jennifer adjusted her daringly split dress and at one point showed a glimpse of her pants.
But for the new year, the Merthyr Tydfil designer is resolving to give himself a makeover and reckons we should all follow his lead and dress more daringly in 2010.
Caldwell, Commander NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan on Thursday highly acclaimed the sacrifices of Pakistan Army in war against terrorism adding undoubtedly Armed Forces of Pakistan are defeating the menace of terrorism and extremism daringly.
Pin-point accuracy and a daringly tight turn at the halfway-point brought her home with almost a full one-second advantage over long-time leader Christina Liebherr from Switzerland, who had to settle for the second place, while America's McLain Ward and Rich Fellers slotted into third and fourth, respectively.
Another of the company's latest offerings is daringly called a mosquito bite cup--a rich melt in tile mouth dark chocolate filled with treacly, fiery chilli syrup, which combined with refreshingly cool lemon lime sorbet, produces the ultimate sweet modern taste sensation--a sublime treat.
Audrey did have sex with the boyfriend who wrote the song about her, but there is nothing daringly sexy about this story.
Moving on, our hairy hero daringly "risked" a few standardissue cheeky quips in the presence of the Queen.
Spencer, at his most patient, read the race perfectly and, dashingly and daringly, got a peach of a run up the inside while his rivals fanned out across the course.
From Bottega Veneta's bubble hemline jersey dress to Topshop's daringly bold white sundress to Carmen Marc Valvo's rosette-adorned sheath to Anteprima's sensual dropped-waist dress, fashion designers make sure you look absolutely beautiful--and fashionable this spring.
Bau/Kultur's daringly radical Seifert House (p88) was commissioned by 63 year old Frau Seifert after her original nineteenth-century home burnt down.