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Kelly Beatty replies: Although many deep-sky objects emit plenty of hydrogen-alpha light, the dark-adapted eye doesn't perceive it with any kind of useful sensitivity.
A DARK-ADAPTED EYE Barbara Vine A story of sibling rivalries and social class, this novel looks back at one family's darkest hour through the eyes of one of its younger members.
For optimum performance and to ensure that all of the captured light enters the observer's eyes, the exit pupil of the binoculars should be smaller than your fully dark-adapted eye pupils.
Spectral sensitivity of the dark-adapted eye was determined by stimulation with 75-ms test flashes of monochromatic light and adjusting irradiance to reach a defined criterion response at each wavelength tested (330-630 nm).
Sit comfortably at the eyepiece with a fully dark-adapted eye, and after focusing on a convenient nearby star, concentrate on the planet's tiny disk (currently just 4 arcseconds across) and record first impressions: then shift the planet to a different place in the field of view and refocus.