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The scientists looked into the hypothesis that soot from forest fires in China, Siberia and North America could be driving the increased darkening of the ice sheet.
The strongest section of Darkening Mirrors is its three central chapters on the Federal Theatre Project and Dunham (whose L'Ag'Ya, the dance Batiste focuses on, was staged by the FTP).
The objective of scientists at the University of Maine was to evaluate the effectiveness of sodium acid sulfate (SAS) dip treatments, compared to other anti-graying treatments and a control, to see how effective SAS would be in reducing after-cooking darkening in boiled Katahdin potatoes.
Ironically, Titan's low apparent surface brightness makes it easier to distinguish the limb darkening of its tiny disk.
The researchers paid close attention to the colour of the spots, which are known to gradually change colour from a sienna brown to a coal black, beginning with a darkening in the centre of the blotch that slowly extends outward to the edges.
We see that the sailboat reflects much less light, revealing the overall darkening of the painting.
Maybe it's just a slight darkening of the corners to draw the viewer's eye to the center of interest in the print, or perhaps a more elaborate application when I need to open up some shadow detail and tone down brighter areas.
Dower describes a condition of exhaustion and despondency in Japan immediately after the war, causing people to prefer an earlier darkening so they could escape into sleep or drink.
In addition, the effects of light intensity and wavelength of the darkening rate were studied.
The results indicate that observers aren't sensitive to gradual darkening, so curators may not install adequate systems to protect the works, Salmon says.
What she reveals are the private moments particular to these women's lives and the endearing mundaneness against which we all live our lives: a neatly made bed, windows darkening against the evening, a playful handwritten note, a quiet moment of togetherness.
Oxidation and darkening occur during the processing of composites made from thermoplastic matrices and cellulosic reinforcements.