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The Dometic SP300 side window darkening system is especially designed for the Fiat Ducato and similar models such as the Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper.
Shaving is highly discouraged as the friction causes the darkening of the pits.
At the end of his prepared speech, Duterte then referred to his darkening face as a "sunburn" which he said is taking too long to heal.
Thus comparatively early in the life of the English theatre, the power of darkening the auditorium in order to emphasise the effects on the stage was recognised and continued to be exercised from time to time for particular scenes until the end of the nineteenth century, the main exception to an otherwise lit, often brightly lit, auditorium.
The first decade showed little change, but starting around 1996, the data show that due to darkening, the ice began absorbing about 2 percent more solar radiation per decade.
"From the Borders upwards, you should get this noticeable darkening.
Darkening Mirrors takes off from Stephanie Leigh Batiste's notice that an array of black performances from the late 1920s to the mid-1940s share a common interest in empire.
The objective of scientists at the University of Maine was to evaluate the effectiveness of sodium acid sulfate (SAS) dip treatments, compared to other anti-graying treatments and a control, to see how effective SAS would be in reducing after-cooking darkening in boiled Katahdin potatoes.
Ironically, Titan's low apparent surface brightness makes it easier to distinguish the limb darkening of its tiny disk.
The researchers paid close attention to the colour of the spots, which are known to gradually change colour from a sienna brown to a coal black, beginning with a darkening in the centre of the blotch that slowly extends outward to the edges.
The reasons for the dramatic darkening still are under investigation.
The detailed descriptions of neighborhoods, dance clubs, universities, clothing, and life in the "darkening" room where Dimple feels most at home become characters also.