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Thread a darning needle with thread that's similar in colour and weight to the fabric of the sock.
Rethread the darning needle with another length of thread (again, don't knot it).
AS AN amateur detective, I'm deeply intrigued by the extraordinary tale of the darning needle that passed through Derek Thompson's foot, and of the dedication to duty (as well as to the fee involved) that persuaded him to drive across country for a commentating gig at Sedgefield with the offending item still unwithdrawn.
What was the great man doing with a darning needle in the first place?
It is, says Couvelas, 'a thread darning the hole caused by the excavation', and, in the darning, the pattern of the old weave of the city has been brought to the surface to take part in the modern tapestry.
Darning the toe with cotton thread is a better choice than using sticky tape.
DEREK THOMPSON spent last night in hospital after an injury caused by a darning needle forced him to give up his commentary shift at Sedgefield.
His wife, Julie Thompson, said: "He dropped a darning needle from the sewing tin and then stood on it.