dash against

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thy knight behold, Return'd from yonder land of gold; No wealth he brings, nor wealth can need, Save his good arms and battle-steed His spurs, to dash against a foe, His lance and sword to lay him low; Such all the trophies of his toil, Such and the hope of Tekla's smile!
was the cry from the ship to the boats, which, for one instant, seemed on the point of being brought with a deadly dash against the vessel's side.
How dare you dash against - everybody - in this manner?' Bitzer picked up his cap, which the concussion had knocked off; and backing, and knuckling his forehead, pleaded that it was an accident.
Craven had extended them just in time to save him from falling as a result of his unseeing dash against him, and when he held him away to look at him in amazement at his being there he truly gasped for breath.
(https://twitter.com/NFLResearch/status/1070865021947699201) According to NFL Research , Henry also has a few more accolades following his 99-yard dash against the Jaguars.
Three tries were run in during the first 34 minutes with the bewildered hosts looking as if they had prepared for a cross-country jog only to rock up and find they were in a 100-yard dash against Usain Bolt.
Nicholls and Fricke applied the finishing touch for the Aces with Danny King for once missing out in heat 14, although Chris Harris prevented them from taking maximum league points with a trademark third-to-first dash against Cook and Matej Zagar on the first lap of the final race.
TOP Filipino hurdler Eric Cray produced a morale-boosting performance in the World Indoors Tour kickoff leg in Germany recently, finishing fifth in the 60-meter dash against formidable opponents.
Straight up - a 50-yearold darts player, unlikely to break 10 seconds in a 100 metre dash against Usain Bolt, has been warm-weather training like footballers on a midseason break.
Brothers Patrick and Jack Martin are both in terrific form, though 24-year-old Patrick will be making his seasonal crosscountry debut after producing some eyecatching performances on the road, especially when finishing in second place in the Leeds Abbey Dash against powerful opposition.
Ferdinand could lose a 50-yard dash against Billy Bunter's fatter brother, with Bunter Snr wearing a pair of over-sized wellies.
Charlie Lister's ace - the champion puppy of 2005, during which he won 14 races - showed plenty of early dash against red-hot kennelmate Zigzag Dutchman four nights ago, and, with the latter diabolically drawn in trap five tonight, can gain his revenge in the second of the live-on-Channel 854 semis.