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We're pleased that Sidekick 95 and Dashboard 95 will be available immediately so that the millions of Sidekick and Dashboard users won't have to wait to take advantage of all the features of Windows 95.
Celequest's real-time architecture and self-service dashboards enable broad performance monitoring and immediate response to changing business conditions.
The CareMedic performance management dashboard is a comprehensive decision support tool designed to gather and analyze data from the MedicareRT system and create key performance indicators (KPIs).
Intranet DASHBOARD can handle many jobs," said Tom Dunlap, managing editor of Intranet Journal, "With its user-friendly interface and collection of digital utilities, it's hard to imagine something that Intranet DASHBOARD can't do.
We are certainly proven global leaders in the intranet sector and it is great to be further recognized by readers of this leading industry media resource," said Campbell Dobbin, president and CEO, Intranet DASHBOARD.
The report on the dashboard cameras market provides the current scenario as well as the future market potential of dashboard cameras, globally.
People still have no idea on how to design the perfect business dashboard.
To ensure that the right Active Dashboard reports are delivered to the right employees, Confirmit CustomerSat s new QuickPaths dynamic hierarchy-building feature automatically populates dashboards with survey data according to a company s organizational hierarchies.
Unlike software that assists someone in making a presentation, the dashboard itself is the presentation.
The dashboard is designed to help an executive make better, more efficient decisions related to risks.
For example, a dashboard could monitor the status of a factory's production line.