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VIRAT KOHLI has dashed hopes the ECB had of attracting top Indian stars play in their new 100-ball tournament in 2020.
The hard time Nigerians are facing has led to unpalatable news of terror, anguish, sadness, kidnapping, barefaced wickedness and of hopelessness, such that, frustration is written on the faces of many people, there are dashed hopes, thus, it has become clear to many people that there is no solution from man, but the only solution to the numerous hardships facing mankind is in Almighty.
PLANNERS have dashed hopes of a new takeaway in Shepley.
A faulty seismometer that can't hold its vacuum seal, built by France's national space agency, dashed hopes of an on-time launch.
Online supermarket Ocado saw its shares come under pressure as it revealed a slowdown in trading and dashed hopes once more of a long-awaited international deal.
I've lived through more dashed hopes as a Newcastle fan than most sports journalists have had hot dinners, so I'm not holding my breath.
* The burden of six weeks of dashed hopes and unrelenting uncertainty shows on the faces of fishermen and their families here in this coastal Louisiana parish.
Chief executive Leung Chunying's rejection of the demands dashed hopes for a quick resolution to the five-day stand-off which has blocked city streets, forcing some schools and offices to close.
Most recently, the "Dashed Hopes" report was cited in a March 26 congressional hearing at which a U.S.
The study focuses on the dashed hopes and dreams of the 65 families and 15 single men of the community and follows them as they moved out of the failed colony.
The death of two holidaymakers near one of Egypt's biggest sun-and-sea resorts last month dashed hopes for a turnaround in Egypt's tourism industry from 2013, when the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi and the killing of hundreds of his supporters tipped the sector back into crisis.
Summary: British retail sales dashed hopes on Friday of a Christmas boost for a struggling economy, falling on the month in December and growing the least on the year since April.