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Although Martins has choreographed a number of small works for the School of American Ballet, the New York City Ballet Guild, and the Santa Fe Festival Ballet, he is probably better known in dance circles for his musical interests: In July 2001, he composed the score for Reflections, choreographed by his father, Peter Martins (who also had his son dashing off a phrase at the piano in his recent Richard Rodgers tribute Thou Swell).
CHARITY worker Paul Duncan is taking on the daredevil task of abseiling from the top of Coventry's Britannia Hotel, before dashing off to run the London Marathon the following day.
Pat went dashing off to ride at Lingfield after his Newbury stint and shows no sign of slowing down his hectic day-to-day schedule.
SOCCER-mad bridegroom Nathan Jackson broke his arm on his wedding day after dashing off to play in a cup final.
On March 21, he will be dashing off to Santa Anita for the USA/European jockeys' competition.
He's on the prowl for odd bits of arcana, both scholarly and scabrous, as well as fresh dish - dashing off, for instance, to Marbach, Germany, to consult the journals of the early-twentieth-century avant-garde patron Count Harry Kessler.
DeMille, dashing off scenarios remarkably evocative of her later work.
There is no dashing off the assembly line, out of the restaurant, away from the office cubicle for impromptu class plays or ice-skating lessons.
Nobody can have new ideas all the time, and Drucker, who is 76 years old, shouldn't have jeopardized the stature of his earlier works by dashing off Innovation and Enterpreneurship.
PERHAPS new dad Simon Cowell is dashing off to grab some extra nappies As girlfriend Lauren Silverman took their newborn son Eric to meet her pals, the X Factor boss was snapped shooting off on a scooter.