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Expanding on the subject of geospatial data dissemination, Tsering Wangyal Shawa from Princeton University writes about his experience developing a system to provide library users with the ability to access many different forms of geographic information via the Internet.
The chosen solution must integrate with applications that have a native backup package and ensure integrity by accessing data through applications instead of at the database, filesystem, or disk levels.
Not only are student records rife with grade reports and tuition statements, but schools have data on everything from how many desks are in a certain classroom to which donors have contributed in the past year.
The key is to monitor data regularly, adjust instruction accordingly, and help administrators and teachers become experts in pinpointing what strategies work, says John Tarnuzzer, program consultant for Learning Through Technology Associates.
-- Data Validation -- Tick Data has built daily bars for each symbol and compared them against third party sources to ensure accuracy of Ticker Mapping, stock splits, and prices.
In addition to the examination of specific research hypotheses, existing data sets may also be used to cross-validate exploratory analyses in ongoing studies, to test complex statistical models, and in special circumstances to provide comparison groups for experimental studies.
Risk-specific data. This includes data on specific companies and business owners, including payroll receipts, financial data, bankruptcy records, liens, judgments, creditworthiness and whether the applicant is on the terrorism watch list.
To implement UID, the program office needed a means of getting not just the mark itself, but also the pedigree data that serve as the "birth record" for each item for which a UID is required.
These types of data include establishing policies that increase access to services, protect the rights of vulnerable groups, and provide adequate resources.