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[P.sub.X] is the probability that at least one of the data block picked by c matches one of the data blocks deleted by the CSP.
If a certain data block in the challenge set was corrupted, the vicious cloud server would select another valid pair ([m.sub.i], [[delta].sub.i]) of data block and authentication tag to substitute the corrupted pair ([m.sub.j], [[delta].sub.j]) of data block and data tag.
The length of each smaller block will be equal to the size of the redundant space used to embed the reference data block in an image block.
So, the ORCFile provides better storage space than the RCFile with larger data blocks.
The storage overhead refers to the data block size occupied by metadata in the scheme, and the communication overhead refers to the overhead caused by the communication between the user and the cloud storage server.
Every data block that contains N serial data symbols are converted into N parallel data symbol using serial to parallel (S/P) converter.
What occurs when a data block is completed is what makes blockchain unique and superior to data management approaches in today's networks.
The ideas in [37, 38] have paved the way to an enhanced fast factorized back projection algorithm based on data block partition.
We set a data block length and a guard time to T = 256 and [T.sub.G] = 64, respectively.
The received data block in the frequency domain can be obtained by multiplying DFT matrix F to both sides of (2).
The CCDF of the PAPR denotes the probability that the PAPR of a data block surpasses a specified threshold.
To ensure the confidentiality of data, the DO encrypts each data block using the 2-keys Symmetric Encryption algorithm [18].