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Also included is a data paper presenting information on the identity and range of terrorist organizations, national anti-terror legislation, and relevant international treaties and UN Security Council resolutions.
In connection with the establishment of a Dayak Studies Program, I am pleased to announce the inauguration of two publication series: the Dayak Studies Oral Literature Series, and a data paper series, the Dayak Studies Contemporary Society Series.
0, Excel as a data analysis and processing tools and Ucinet6 visualization tools, use the bibliometrics summary and visualization methods, qualitatively and quantitatively, statistical analysis analyses the law of development of China's large data papers in the past 11 years.
He also cited several other hurdles such as lack of sufficient data papers, lack of experienced personnel, the central tenders law, the law of the Audit Bureau, lack of coordination among departments, shortages in financial resources, incentives and equipment.
The papers on network inference shed light in how GRNs can be reverse engineered from experimental data while the heterogeneous data papers show how linear programming can be used to synthesize GRNs from multiple data sources.
In addition, the journal encourages the submission of non-traditional article formats, such as data papers.
Several of the ethnographic-rich data papers (Wiessner; Boyd; Bourke; Brown and Brookfield) contribute significant middle-range research on the technological innovations accompanying the adoption of sweet potato and associated cultural and political transformations, including population growth, increased population density, and shifts in the use of settlement space.