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PIPE, Eng. laid. The name of a roll in the exchequer otherwise called the Great Roll. A measure containing two hogsheads; one hundred and twenty-six gallons is also called a pipe.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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At PTCL we are focused on increasing our visibility by making investment in enhancing infrastructure, our data pipes are going everywhere; this will provide more connectivity, leading to more business opportunities and accountability and productivity.
We think content provision is an interim business, because people will want to buy content directly over the data pipe. Our focus was getting the facility to carry large bandwidth.
Ethernet high-speed data pipe," said Steve Zivanic, a QLogic spokesman.
From a telephone company viewpoint, bonding multiple copper pairs into a bigger data pipe is often preferable to more costly alternatives, such as trenching new fiber.
to Europe) will never be greater than 1.3 Mb/s (262 kb/200 ms), regardless of the size of the data pipe connecting them.
"Telematics and navigation systems are converging," says transportation research associate Steve Bae, with digital radio seen as viable "data pipe" for converged services.
Raindance could still charge a per-minute rate, but perhaps a slightly discounted one because inbound VoIP calls to Raindance's data pipe are obviously much more cost-economical than inbound PSTN calls, which use more expensive TDM ports.
The advent of DSL service gives residences and small to midsized businesses access to a data pipe that is often comparable to a T1, but without integrating voice and data.