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A material technical data sheet provides typically physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal test data and possibly some fire, environmental, chemical or regulatory compliance information but tends not to consider the long term performance characteristics of the plastic and complex loading modes.
Declines in birth rates continue to vary widely among regions, and within countries in a particular region," says Carl Haub, PRB senior demographer and co-author of the data sheet.
Physical performance characteristics per the data sheet characteristics include tensile strength per the ASTM test method listed in D4434 to be 350 lbf (pound-force), but this is incongruous with ASTM D4434-04 and 4434-11, which state the minimum requirement for a PVC Type IV sheet is 400 lbf.
35 mOhms, 70nH/107Apk to 200nH/36Apk, on data sheet P672.
Lastly, the user must edit cells F115 and F133 in data sheet no.
Here's a look at data sheets on materials being marketed in Europe.
A two-color data sheet features the company's full line of mechanical drives designed for applications where the control of torque, speed, tension, direction or position is critical.
A technical data sheet describes Versaflex TPE alloy compounds, designed for use in a variety of applications and markets, and including more than 20 products such as clear, heat resistant, light grip, wet grip, silky feel and various overmold grades for a variety of substrates.