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Additional features include enhanced support for the BLOB and CLOB SQL data types and support for the new Java Standard Edition Service Provider, a connection status API, and the new prepared statement pooling API.
The Cadence donation provides enhanced data types that raise the level of abstraction in SystemVerilog, enhancing designer productivity and language usability.
By leveraging the fixed point data types, data is automatically propagated through the Synplify DSP block set in Simulink without the need for designers to insert gateways into their Simulink design.
6 now includes support for Oracle Database 10g(TM), in addition to Oracle9i(TM) Databases, and expands data type and UNIX scripting support.
Retention Manager enables organizations to securely manage records based on their corporate policies and file plans and to enforce the retention, disposition and secure destruction of all corporate records, regardless of originating document or data type.
With a full support for standard ODBC API functions and data types implemented in the driver aims to simplify and accelerate interaction of database applications with SQL Azure.
Nonetheless, the discovery of the approach - a variant on earlier attack methods - means that database admins can no longer consider DATE or NUMBER data types safe from attack.
PCI Express offers Quality of Service (QoS) features to provide higher bus bandwidth to priority data types.