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For many data types the user may even choose between different implementations, e.
LEDA is realized in C++, and all its data types and algorithms are stored in the library as precompiled object-modules.
The examples also demonstrate that LEDA is not only a library of data types and algorithms but rather a platform on which applications can be built.
Advanced data conversion from DBMS data types to native ODBC data types
Non-seismic grids and 2D interpretation are now available through the OpenSpirit Developer's Kit, allowing upstream application developers to access these data types and speed the development of their applications.
Using Simulink Fixed Point, engineers can control fixed-point data types and scaling, identify overflow and saturation errors, and observe finite word effects on dynamic range and precision without modifying the original system model.
This unique feature gives Stellar Internet GEM the ability to link events in a virtual timeline encompassing all data types within the search results.
In addition, the following sections of HL7's Version 3 standard have received ANSI approval: Scheduling, Release 1; Claims and Reimbursements, Release 1; Reference Information Model (RIM), Release 1; Refinement, Constraint and Localization to Version 3 Messages, Release 1; Shared Messages, Release 1; XML Implementation Technology Specification - Data Types, Release 1; UML Implementation Technology Specification - Data Types, Release 1; Transport Specification - MLLP, Release 1; and Claims and Reimbursement, Release 2.
MDDI is extensible so it can support user-defined data types.
User definable data types for capabilities yet to be defined.