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Archaeologists have also discovered other items which they believe could date back even further - possibly to around 6,000BC - although they need to do further extensive work before confirming those finds.
Those date back to a time when Joan Rivers was still in diapers.
The three abstract squares found in Long Hole cave in Cheddar, Somerset, are believed to date back 10,000 years to the Mesolithic Period.
They have yielded approximately 2 million specimens representing more than 460 animal species, some of which date back almost 40,000 years.
Modern medical applications of tissue engineering date back only 15 years, but in that time span significant progress has been achieved in applying biological techniques to generate functional tissues in the laboratory to repair or replace damaged or diseased organs.
The team at Polesworth know the abbey dates back to the 1300s, but have found items that appear to date back 200 years further, and while there are theories that the abbey was first founded in 827 (which, apparently, would make them "very old"), the latest findings could, says Father Philip, date back as far as the Roman occupation.
The Head of the team said that they found many of archaeological findings that date back to the Abassids era.
The original horns, believed to date back to the year 400, were found in 1639 and 1734.
The allegations date back to between April 2002 and August last year.